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Hot Tub Tips
  1. Proper water chemistry in your tub will extend the life of your tub and make your hot tubbing experience more enjoyable. Incorrect water chemistry can damage your jets, your equipment and may irritate your skin.

  2. Water chemistry is NOT complicated. Even if you didn’t buy your tub from us, we’d be happy to help you with your water chemistry.

  3. You should change the water in your tub regularly. We recommend every 3 - 4 months. This reduces the amount of chemicals you have to use, saves you money and is easier on your skin.

  4. Every time you change your water prior to draining the tub you should clean the pipes out with a solution especially designed to take the bacteria and dirt out of the system. Take your filter out prior to adding the solution and running it through the system.

  5. When you add fresh water you need to add basic chemicals to sanitize the water, manage the PH and alkalinity to protect your equipment and soften the water to protect your skin. This is called the “Start-Up”.

  6. You then follow a “Weekly Maintenance Program” which varies depending on whether you use bromine or chlorine.

  7. You should shock your tub weekly (depending on usage) using high concentrate granular bromine/chlorine

  8. We recommend you test your water at least weekly (depending on usage) using either test strips or a testing kit.

  9. On a monthly basis you should bring a sample of your water to our store for a FREE state-of-the-art water test.

  10. We recommend you have 2 filters. Your filters should last for 2 years if you use them properly and take care of them. It should be cleaned regularly using special filter cleaner solutions. You can minimize the amount of solution you use by cleaning your filter in a special filter cleaner canister. After cleaning, your filter should be allowed to air dry. (hence the need for 2 as it can take several days for the filter to dry and you need one in your hot tub).

  11. Losing heat from your hot tub is costly given the price of electricity. One of the main reasons for heat loss is your cover. As your cover gets older it will start to absorb water. You will feel it becoming heavy to move or you may see tears in the vinyl. A new cover will save you $$.

  12. Regular maintenance of your cover can extend its life. We recommend you clean the vinyl exterior of your cover regularly with special cover cleaner. This keeps the vinyl supple, helps keep it from cracking/tearing and helps stop the colour from fading.

  13. When you add chlorine/bromine shock to your tub, leave the cover off for at least ½ hour as the chlorine/bromine will eat away at the inside liner and eventually cause it to discolour and start absorbing water.

  14. Use of a cover lifter will help extend the life of your cover. A cover lifter stops the cover from hitting the ground when you take it off the tub. It also keeps the cover clean and reduces the possibility of dirt getting into the tub from the cover.

  15. Pay attention to your tub and if you see any water leaking, have it dealt with right away. Fixing leaking water could be as simple as replacing a seal which if left, could turn into a major costly repair.

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