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Jeff Thompson and his "rubber-ducky"


"Without our beachcomber we would have to go south for the winter. Its minus 29 in the shade here!!!"

 ~ Jeff Thompson



Lionel Lackin

"The reason why I like Beachcomber, is because of the quality of their product and the fact that they stand behind their warranty. I know because I had a couple of minor problems with the tub and Peter and the boys got on it right away and fixed the problem."

~ Lionel Lachtin


The Collis family

"With two teenage sons and busy schedules, our Beachcomber Hot Tub is a wonderful family/friend meeting place to catch up and connect with one another.  The seating for eight gives each of us lots of personal space and we're "seeing" more of our friends than ever before!

~ The Cole Family


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