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What do I need besides the tub?

You need to prepare the surface of the location where the tub is going. The tub needs to be on a solid level surface with minimal movement.

It could be as simple as using old patio stone slabs or you can have a concrete pad or a custom designed interlock stone patio/walkway.

Your tub can also be placed on a deck but you must ensure the deck has proper bracing and reinforcement to carry the weight of the tub filled with water.

When you are designing your surface, make sure you leave room for the steps and perhaps chairs and a table nearby so you can easily converse with other friends who are not hot tubbing with you.

Make sure you leave additional space for the cover and the cover lifter. Space requirements will vary depending on what type of cover lifter you choose.

Electrical requirements

Most tubs run on 220 volts. Also, to conform to safety standards you will need a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) installed. The number of amps you require depends on the size of your tub, but ranges from 40-60 amps..

Click the link below to download the electrical chart so you can see exactly what is required for your tub.

Download Electrical Chart PDF

2015 Horse power and amperage

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