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Ask the expert for all your pool and hot tub questions
For all your pool
and hot tub questions


Simple maintenance can help extend the life of your hot tub and the equipment. Click here for Hot Tub Tips or Ask the Expert if you have a specific Hot Tub question.

We offer complete service for all makes and models of hot tubs either directly through our own staff or through a trusted affiliate.

We will repair your equipment wherever possible.

We do our own pump repairs/service at our store which saves you money $$.

We also provide:

  • Hot Tub Drain, Clean & Refill (empty tub, clean tub & cover, refill and check operation)

  • Hot Tub Orientation and Education (just bought a house with a hot tub? Let us explain how to use it-we will come to your backyard)

  • Hot Tub Relocation/Moves (Beachcomber Hot Tubs only)

  • Delivery and Installation of Cover and removal of your old one

  • Delivery and installation of Cover Lifters

  • Hot Tub Winterization (shut down)

  • Hot Tub Start-Up


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